Terms & Conditions

Membership rules of Lichfield Health & Fitness Club 


  1. .To enter the club you need you need a active membership and nobody else is permitted to use this other than the account holder. 

  1. .To ensure the club is always useable, we might need to close it (or certain areas) for a small period of time, we thank you for your patience. 

  1. .Any member or guest not suitably attired whilst training (e.g. In street clothes or wearing unsuitable footwear) will be asked to find suitable attire, training is not allowed bare footed for hygiene reasons. 

  1. .Members must observe the authority of the manager in all respects, relative to the use of the facilities and safety issues. 

  1. .The club reserves the right to change opening times of the facilities and class timetables, if deemed necessary by the management of the club. 

  1. .Any breakages must be reported immediately. Any misuse of equipment can result in the member being suspended from the club for an indefinite period.  All exercise and training programmes are designed with the member’s safety in mind. 

  1. .Use by the member of the facilities is entirely at the member’s own risk. 

  1. .The club will try their utmost to ensure all equipment is maintained in full running order. The member acknowledges and agrees that any breakdown does not relieve them from his/her contract and does not give the member any right of action against the club. 

  1. .Please wipe down equipment after use to ensure we can keep the club clean and hygienic. 

  1. .Please be mindful of others when using your mobile phone and keep all calls to a minimum (a member of staff may ask you to leave the workout area if you are making a phone call)  

  1. .The club cannot accept any responsibility for the loss of personal belongings.  Security lockers are available in both changing areas at no extra charge. 

  1. .Your possessions must be taken with you after each visit. 

.     .Members should be in the club at least 10 minutes before the start of a class. 

  1. .Cancellation of a class should be made at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the class.  This enables someone else to participate.  

  1. .The Club cannot accept any responsibility for damage to or theft of a members car. 

  1. .The management of the club may expel from the club any member whose conduct on the club premises is in its opinion injurious to the character of the club or the interests of its’ members. 

  1. .The club has a zero tolerance on members being overly confrontational or abusive to either staff or fellow members. 

  1. .An expelled member forfeits all the privileges of membership and all rights against the club.  

  1. .An expelled member is not entitled to any refund of his subscriptions and remains liable for his subscription for the year during which he is expelled. 

  1. .The club reserves the right to cancel any direct debit contract at any point if a member’s conduct is deemed unacceptable. 

  1. .Membership is not normally refundable except where a member cannot use the gym due to health reasons, has moved out of the area by a distance of 15 miles or more, or has been made redundant from a job (all of these must be supported by relevant proof).